DSE 2021 Bonn Summer School

1. Introduction to household decision making and human capital and lifecycle models

John Rust
16 August 2021

2. Structural estimation of discrete decision problems (NFXP and MPEC)

Bertel Schjerning
16 August 2021

3. Inversion theorem, overview of CCP estimation, applications

Robert A. Miller
16 August 2021

4. Extensions: Unobserved Heterogeneity and Finite Dependence

Robert A. Miller
16 August 2021

5. Career choice and human capital, overview and applications

Michael Keane
17 August 2021

6. Continuous and discrete-continuous decision problems, EGM and DCEGM

Fedor Iskhakov
17 August 2021

7. Software for estimating life-cycle models

Hans-Martin Gaudecker
17 August 2021

8. Estimating Life-Cycle Models of Saving and Labour Supply

Hamish Low
18 August 2021

9. Human Capital and Sorting in the Marriage Market

Monica Costa Dias
18 August 2021

10. Measuring and estimating health dynamics over the lifecycle

Karen Kopecky
18 August 2021

11. Measurement and Economics: New measures to model individual behavoiur

Orazio Attanasio
21 August 2021

12. Saving during retirement

Eric French
21 August 2021

13. The importance of modeling both couples and singles

Mariacristina De Nardi
21 August 2021

14. Interactions as Investments

James Heckman
21 August 2021

15. Estimation of static games with multiple equilibria

Bertel Schjerning
22 August 2021

16. Solving and estimating directional dynamic games

John Rust, Fedor Iskhakov
22 August 2021

17. Modelling Equilibrium in Durable Goods Markets

John Rust, Fedor Iskhakov, Bertel Schjerning
22 August 2021

18. Introduction to deep equilibrium nets and deep structural estimation

Simon Scheidegger
22 August 2021

DSE 2021 Bonn Conference

1. Michael Keane, David Koll, Thomas Jørgensen

Health Shocks and the Evolution of Earnings over the Life-Cycle
By Elena Capatina; Australian National University
Michael Keane; University of New South Wales
Shiko Maruyama; University of Technology Sydney
Presented by: Michael Keane, University of New South Wales

Equity and Efficiency of Childcare Subsidies: A Structural Approach
By David Koll; University of Mannheim
Dominik Sachs; University of St. Gallen
Fabian Stuermer-Heiber; LMU Munich
Helene Turon; University of Bristol
Presented by: David Koll, University of Mannheim

Fertility and Family Labor Supply
By Katrine Jakobsen; University of Copenhagen
Thomas Jørgensen; University of Copenhagen
Hamish Low; University of Oxford
Presented by: Thomas Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen

19 August 2021

2. Gregory Veramendi, Yaroslav Mukhin

Complementarities in High School and College Investments
By John Eric Humphries; Yale
Juanna Joensen; University of Chicago
Gregory Veramendi; University of Munich (LMU)
Presented by: Gregory Veramendi, University of Munich (LMU)

On counterfactual analysis of differentiable functionals
By Yaroslav Mukhin; MIT
Presented by: Yaroslav Mukhin, MIT

19 August 2021

3. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Christopher Cronin, Minsu Chang

The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Labor Supply, Savings, and Social Security of Older Americans
By Hans-Martin von Gaudecker; Universität Bonn
Presented by: Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Universität Bonn

What Good Are Treatment Effects without Treatment? Mental Health and the Reluctance to Use Talk Therapy
By Christopher Cronin; University of Notre Dame
Matthew Forsstrom; Wheaton College
Nicholas Papageorge; Johns Hopkins University
Presented by: Christopher Cronin, University of Notre Dame

Marital Transitions, Housing, and Long-Term Care in Old Age
By Minsu Chang; Georgetown University
Ami Ko; Georgetown University
Presented by: Minsu Chang, Georgetown University

19 August 2021

4. Karen Kopecky, Christopher Ferrall

On the impact of health inequality on lifetime earnings
By Roozbeh Hosseini; University of Georgia
Karen Kopecky; Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Kai Zhao; University of Connecticut
Presented by: Karen Kopecky, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

College Choice, Credit Constraints and Educational Attainment
By Michael Barber; Queen’s University
Christopher Ferrall; Queen’s University
Presented by: Christopher Ferrall, Queen’s University

19 August 2021

5. James Heckman

Interactions as Investments
By James Heckman; University of Chicago
Jin Zhou; University of Chicago
Presented by: James Heckman, University of Chicago

19 August 2021

6. Monica Costa Dias, Hamish Low, Eric French

Education Sorting and Social Mobility
By Monica Costa Dias; Institute for Fiscal Studies
Presented by: Monica Costa Dias, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Consumption and Income Inequality across Generations
By Giovanni Gallipoli; UBC
Hamish Low; University of Oxford
Aruni Mitra; University of British Columbia
Presented by: Hamish Low, University of Oxford

The Intergenerational Elasticity of Earnings: Exploring the Mechanisms
By Uta Bolt; University College London
Eric French; University College London
Jamie Hentall MacCuish; University College London
Cormac O’Dea; Institute for Fiscal Studies
Presented by: Eric French, University College London

20 August 2021

7. Christophe-Alain Bruneel-Zupanc, Pasquale Schiraldi

Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Choice Models: Identification and Conditional Choice Probability Estimation
By Christophe-Alain Bruneel-Zupanc; Toulouse School of Economics
Presented by: Christophe-Alain Bruneel-Zupanc, Toulouse School of Economics

Identification of Dynamic Discrete-Continuous Choice Models, with an Application to Consumption-Savings-Retirement
By Matthew Levy; LSE
Pasquale Schiraldi; LSE
Presented by: Pasquale Schiraldi, London School of Economics

20 August 2021

8. Philipp Eisenhauer, Patrick Moran, Joseph Mullins

Structural models for policy-making: Coping with parametric uncertainty
By Philipp Eisenhauer; University of Bonn
Presented by: Philipp Eisenhauer, University of Bonn

Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare
By Agnes Kovacs; University of Manchester
Patrick Moran; University of Copenhagen & IFS
Presented by: Patrick Moran, University of Copenhagen & IFS

A structural meta-analysis of welfare reform experiments and their impacts on children
By Joseph Mullins; University of Minnesota
Presented by: Joseph Mullins, University of Minnesota

20 August 2021

9. Sung Ah Bahk, Mariacristina De Nardi

Distributional Effects of Ability Learning and Career Choice
By Sung Ah Bahk; American University
Presented by: Sung Ah Bahk, American University

Are marriage-related taxes and Social Security benefits holding back female labor supply?
By Margherita Borella; Università di Torino
Mariacristina De Nardi; University of Minnesota
Fang Yang; Louisiana State University
Presented by: Mariacristina De Nardi, University of Minnesota

20 August 2021

10. Orazio Attanasio

Subjective Parental Beliefs: their measurement and their role By Orazio Attanasio; Yale University
Presented by: Orazio Attanasio, Yale University

20 August 2021