Econometric Society DSE summer school is annual short course in dynamic structural econometrics and computational methods more generally, paired with an associated two day conference in the same general area. DSE conference and summer school have a special theme that varies from year to year. Similarly, hosting institutions and program committees change in correspondence with the annual themes.

DSE 2021 summer school

Targeted for advanced PhD students.
August 16-22, 2021,
University of Bonn

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DSE 2021 conference

Annual conference on Structural Dynamic Models: Household decision making and human capital in life-cycle models,
August 19-20, 2021,
University of Bonn

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In 2021 the theme of the DSE conference is Household decision making and human capital in life-cycle models. The DSE summer school and conference will be hosted by the University of Bonn and supported by Collaborative Research Center 224.

Important dates:

  • March 31 Summer school application deadline
  • March 31 Conference paper submission deadline
  • May 9 April 30 Acceptance decisions
  • June 6 May 31 Commitment day for the conference format (in personal, hybrid or virtual)
  • TBA June 13 June 1 Registration deadline for in-person participation in the conference and/or the summer school
  • July 30 Final instructions for the participants
  • August 16-22 DSE 2021 summer school
  • August 19-20 DSE 2021 conference

Recent announcements:

DSE2021 registration deadline pending

07 Jun 2021

less than 1 minute read

We are still finalizing the details with the administration of the University of Bonn: but it is looking very promising that the school and the DSE conference will be able to run in-person, but we do not want to collect registration fees until this is definitely confirmed.

DSE2021 registration deadline postponed

01 Jun 2021

less than 1 minute read

We apologize for the delay in registrations for DSE2021 and further announcements. The final details are being finalized with Bonn university. More information will follow in a few days.

DSE2021 admissions announced

11 May 2021

less than 1 minute read

Students admitted to the DSE summer school have now been notified through email, as well as submitters of the accepted paper for the DSE conference.

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