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2nd Conference on Dynamic Structural Models – University of Copenhagen

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2nd Conference on Structural Dynamic Models:

“Methodology and applications of structural dynamic models and machine learning”

Call for papers

Following the success of the 1st Conference on Structural Dynamic Models that was held at University College London on 29 and 30 August 2017, the program committee aims for a series of annual conferences that can serve as a focal point for promoting and disseminating structural econometric work on dynamic decision processes in microeconomics. We hope that bringing together researchers on a regular basis will be instrumental for the exchange of ideas and discussion of recent results within this field.
The Centre for Computational Economics (CCE) is therefore pleased to announce the Second Conference on Structural Dynamic Models to be held at the Department of Economics at University of Copenhagen, May 31st –June 1st 2018.
We invite both applied and methodological work on implementation and estimation of structural dynamic models for individual decision making within, but not restricted to, the fields of Industrial Organization, Labor, Public, Health, Development, Environmental and Urban and Regional Economics This include papers on auction models, dynamic discrete choice models, dynamic games and their applications to differentiated product demand, oligopoly equilibrium, etc. A clear link between the theoretical economic model and econometric model should be a hallmark of the papers presented. The conference will consist of plenary sessions only. Each speaker will have 45 minutes including discussion.  
This year's conference has a special focus on machine learning, and artificial intelligence more generally. Given the issue of "curse of dimensionality" that arises in structural models and the promising new machine learning methods, we think there would be many interesting areas for productive cross-fertilization of ideas between the structural econometrics literature and machine learning.  We therefore encourage submission of papers that aim to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to facilitate solution and estimation of dynamic structural models.

Confirmed Speakers: 

Conference program


Special Issue in The Econometrics Journal

Summer School

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We gratefully acknowledge financial support from The Econometrics Journal and Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD) through the Research Grant “Solving and Estimating Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria”. 

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Time: 31 May - 1 June 2018
Place: CSS, Øster Farimagsgade 5, (lokale CSS 35.01.44), 1353 Kbh K
Organizer: Centre for Computational Economics (CCE)

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